500,000 Trees

Our paper recycling has saved over half a million trees from being cut down and at the same time, our recycling has saved enough electricity to power all of the homes in Wigan and Warrington for a whole year.

400,000 tonnes of Carbon

Our Plastic Recycling has saved 282,000 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere, that’s the same amount of carbon that would be used when flying around the world 65 times on a commercial jet.

240 Jobs Created

We specialise in creating employment for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our engagement programme has created over 240 jobs and saved nearly £16,000,000 of UK government money.

Our Services

Link Waste are a full service waste management company


Waste Management

You want less stress, more time, an easier life and maybe more money! You also shouldn’t need to worry about your waste collections being done on time, legally or in the best interest for the environment.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Landfill space is running out, plastics are polluting the oceans, global warming is heating the planet, and us humans are producing more waste than ever. Link Waste cares passionately about your environment and our world.

Unplanned Waste Removal

Unplanned waste removal can be a nightmare, whether you have tenants expecting to move in, a job being held up because of problematic waste, illegal waste that needs removing fast or you just need stuff clearing.

Single Stream Recycling

Would you like to know that your waste streams are being dealt with by a company that will go the extra mile and work and day and night to make sure your contracts, businesses and homes look good and run super smoothly?

Void Property Clearances

You could be losing money from underutilised assets, maybe you’re getting pressure from local authorities or the environmental agency, or a tenant has simply left the place in a mess.

Confidential Destruction

Identity threat is a growing concern, our specialist confidential destruction services allow you to securely dispose of a variety of confidential waste from paper to hard-drives with the peace of mind that the data can never be recovered.


What Our Heroes Say

I run my own waste removal business and have been using Link Waste for sometime now as my only outlet for the various waste streams I collect.
The service received has always been extremely professional, they always turn up when they say they will and are a great company to work with.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Dave Antley